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I call this my FUNKYBONE!  It's a model R2 with a slick 'Dizzy Gillespie' type bell that points upwards 45˚ 
The bell is nickel and sprayed gunmetal grey.
Inside, it's brushed in parts to create that star design. 
The bell's also detachable.

How does it play?... It play's fantastic!... good resistance when blowing, even velocity and in tune throughout the range. It also has an incredible and consistant slide, a real joy to play.
A huge thanks to Mick and the team for making this 'bone happen.

I'm very proud to be a part of the Michael Rath Trombones family.
Simply put, they make the most beautiful trombones! Exceptional in quality. Versatile and consistent in performance.
Michael and the team deliver a wide range of models, custom made to suit the individual.
Do check them out here:


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